Fellow Trailers, this Trail will certainly make you privileged!

You will have the good fortune to pass through some of the most beautiful and natural mountain areas in the Alps.

You will enter them as if you were in a cathedral. In these areas, respect for fauna and flora is de rigueur. You are obliged to follow the paths and tracks marked for the Cro Trail without leaving them. Here only the eye is allowed to do so, to marvel at all that Mother Nature is trying to preserve. Runners will find drop-zones for their scraps. Certain grassy slopes are the domain of herds of cattle; be careful not to disturb them. Beware also of the dogs, the patou, who protect the sheep from wolves.

Be respectful of these deliveries, also because otherwise a disqualification will be applied.

Some organisational details may change, so these regulations may vary.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! The CRO TRAIL on Sunday 30 June and LA VIA DEI LUPI on Saturday 29 June will be part of the “1st TRAIL RUNNING FESTIVAL”, a weekend dedicated to Trail Running, two days, two races, three rankings!

Stay tuned!!!

The latest news will always be highlighted in the News section.

Art.01 – Organisation

The Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica W.W.P. Organization affiliated with UISP in collaboration with A.S.D. La Via del Sale, the association Sentieri e Bicchieri di Vernante, the Scuola Italiana Outdoor, the Ente Parco Alpi Marittime, the youth councils of Limone and Vernante and with the patronage of the municipalities of Vernante, Limone P.te and Tenda, organises the following trail in semi-self-sufficiency

Art.02 – The race

The Trail du CRO Sui Sentieri dei Forti, VERNANTE – LIMONE P.TE (CN) is a mountain trail of about 43 km, with 2950 metres of positive height gain and 2680 metres of negative height gain, starting from Vernante and finishing in Limone P.te, taking place mainly on mountain paths.
This trial involves numerous passages at altitude, over 2200 metres, and conditions can be difficult (cold, wind, rain, snow, fog). Certain weather situations can become ‘extreme’. The route has some difficult, technical sections. Careful training, knowledge of high mountains and a solid capacity for personal autonomy are indispensable for the success of this individual adventure.

The start of the CRO TRAIL SUI SENTIERI DEI FORTI will be given at 08.00 on race day from Vernante (CN) Italy.

This trail is only one stage, but will be part of the “1st TRAIL RUNNING FESTIVAL” with rankings for each individual trial and a combined ranking drawn up on the sum of the times of the two trials. .
It requires competitors to take responsibility for themselves.
Competitors must always have the obligatory equipment with them, the list of which is detailed in Art. 16. In particular, clothing is an essential aspect, since a large part of the route is very alpine, the temperature can drop even close to 0°C and even heavy snowfall can occur.

The TRAIL du CRO SUI SENTIERI DEI FORTI from Vernante climbs up through the Vallone Grande to reach the summit of Monte Vecchio, descend to the Colle dell’Arpiola and then follow the typical “Viasol” to reach and follow the ridge that marks the Italian-French border to the south, touching on the famous and fascinating Savoy forts of the late 1800s: Pernante, Centrale and Tabourna, passing within sight of the other three forts: Giaura, Margherita and Pepino, crossing the Tenda, Campanin, Perla and Boaria hills. From here, the descent to Limone will begin, passing first through Maira Valletta, Tetti Bric and then the central Piazza del Municipio where the finish line will be set.

The maximum time to be classified is 10.00 hours including any stops, provided that the intermediate time barriers indicated in the Road Book (Carnet de Route), which is an integral part of these regulations, are respected.

The closing hours of the checkpoints have been calculated to allow competitors to complete the stage within the maximum time allowed, including any stops.
Competitors must imperatively start from the checkpoints before the time barrier. Otherwise they will be disqualified, and the bib will be withdrawn.
Attention! The “BALAI” or “SCOPA” in charge of closing the race, will remove all signs (balises, signs, arrows, etc.) from the course as he passes. It would be dangerous if a competitor wanted to continue the race without a bib number and despite having been put out of the race. The organisation declines all responsibility for any consequences that might ensue.

Art.03 – Acceptance of the Rules and Regulations and the Charter

The CRO TRAIL SUI SENTIERI DEI FORTI will take place in accordance with these Rules and Regulations, the latest version of which is available on the event website .

By the mere fact of registering, competitors undertake to respect these Rules and Regulations and this Charter, and release the organisers from all liability for any accident or incident that may result from non-compliance with these rules and regulations (see disclaimer).
Any competitor caught littering the course will be penalised or disqualified.
Waste collection bags are placed at each refreshment post and must imperatively be used.

It is compulsory to follow the marked paths, without taking shortcuts. Also because cutting a path causes irreversible erosion of the site and degrades it irreparably.

Art.04 – Admission conditions for competitors

To have reached the age of eighteen by the day of the race.

Competitive requirements are NOT required.
It is compulsory to have a competitive medical certificate issued by a doctor or sports medical centre, less than one year old (on the day of the race), certifying “the competitor’s fitness for competitive running”.

By the mere fact of his or her registration, the competitor certifies that he or she is in a physical and mental condition that allows him or her to undertake this raid of which he or she acknowledges being fully aware of the risks and difficulties of the route.

Art.05 – Categories and classifications

SENIOR SH-SF 18-49 years old

VETERAN V1H-V1F 50 years and over

Combined CLASSIFICATION La Via dei Lupi + CRO TRAIL, drawn up considering the sum of the times of the two races.

HIM & HER” CLASSIFICATION for all those couples who run the TWO races together! In this case, the two members of the couple must always pass through the controls together and arrive at the finish line together.

The time of each competitor will be expressed in hours and minutes.

Art.06 – Programme of the event Road Book

It is compulsory for entrants to have the Road Book in its most recent edition with them at the start, downloading it from the website

Please note: no printed Road Book will be handed over to competitors by the Organisation.

All official communications concerning the event will be made only through the event website.

Art.06/A – Shuttle Bus (free on reservation)

CroTrail – On the Trails of the Forts:

Shuttle Limone P.te – Vernante.

Departure at 07.15 on race day from Piazzale Nord near the race office.

Art.07 – Punching-in and controls at the start

Each competitor will receive a bib. At the start, he/she must present him/herself with the bib pinned at the front, at belt height, possibly on an elastic band so that it can always be clearly visible at the controls and at the finish line.

At the start, in addition to the bib number, the compulsory material that each competitor must carry with him/her in a specific rucksack for the duration of the event will be checked.

The organisation reserves the right to carry out backpack checks along the route.

Without punching the competitor will not be classified.

Art.08 – Checkpoints

Checkpoints will be organised throughout the course, where the competitor must make his bib clearly visible. This is indispensable for safety as the check between two successive controls makes it possible to ascertain that there are no missing competitors. The check is obligatory in order to prevent the rescue vehicles from being unnecessarily put into action. If this happens, the competitor will be held responsible for the ensuing consequences, including reimbursement of all search costs. .
The control at the finish will allow the timekeepers to establish the rankings. A competitor who has lost time to assist and help another, may request compensation for this delay.
A check of the contents of the rucksack may be requested at any time during the event.

Art. 09 – Withdrawal

In the event of withdrawal, for safety reasons and to avoid unnecessarily putting the security system into action, the competitor MUST OBVIOUSLY inform without delay the person in charge of the nearest control post or the “broom” that closes the race, and hand over his race bib, or inform the race management by calling the number on his race bib. Otherwise, the organisation declines all responsibility. .
Any competitor who fails to comply with these rules will be held liable for the consequences arising therefrom, including the reimbursement of all search costs.
A competitor who has abandoned may no longer continue the race. If he does so, this will be entirely at his own risk. He shall reach the nearest control point by his own means.

Art.10 – Road Book and GPS

The Road Book (in its most up-to-date edition) will be available on the Trail’s website. Competitors are invited to download it and print it out. It will contain practical information such as the closing times of the control and refuelling posts, and a detailed description of the route. The Road Book will undergo updates, which will be published on the website. The Road Book, in its latest edition, is part of the compulsory material (Art. 16).
No copy of the Road Book will be delivered with the bibs to competitors. They must compulsorily download it from the site and print it out.
The GPX track is available on the site.

Art.11 – Safety and Medical Assistance

The responsibility for the safety of trailers lies not only with the organisers, but also with the competitor himself.

He MUST therefore respect the Rules and Regulations and follow their instructions, particularly those to be followed in case of withdrawal and for punching at the checkpoints.
In this respect, a withdrawal not reported in good time, a missed punching mark, automatically triggers an unnecessary search. In this case, the competitor will be held liable for the resulting consequences, including reimbursement of all search costs.

Safety and medical assistance will be ensured by a network of fixed and mobile posts consisting of medical personnel, mountain rescue men, nurses, controllers, signalmen, etc. and medical vehicles. The rescue posts are organised to bring assistance to all persons in danger with the organisation’s own means or through contracted organisations. The medical officers are authorised to suspend (by invalidating the bib number) competitors deemed unfit to continue the race. Rescue teams are authorised to evacuate runners judged to be in danger by all means at their disposal.

In the event of necessity, for reasons that are in the best interest of the rescued person, appeal will be made to the specialised public organisations, French or Italian, which will take over the management of the operations and put in place all appropriate means, including a helicopter. The rescued person will have to provide for his or her own return from the place where he or she was evacuated, either in France or Italy, hence the importance of having a personal accident policy.

We would like to point out that part of the route has few road accesses and that in the event of difficulties and bad weather it may happen that the competitor in difficulty cannot be reached by rescuers other than on foot and along mountain paths. .
Telephone numbers to contact in case of need will be printed on the bibs. (Please note: not all the route is covered by telephone networks).

The competitor who calls on a doctor or a rescuer submits de facto to their authority and undertakes to respect their decisions.
In addition to the rescue equipment, medical personnel will be present at certain points to assist competitors in the event of serious physical problems.
One person (the ‘Balai’, the ‘Broom’) will ensure the closure of the race and follow the last competitor. He, the race management cars, the control posts, the security staff will be equipped with radios and in permanent contact with the rescue teams and the Central Coordination Post (PC) at the finish.

The aim of the security organisation will be to enable everyone to reach the finish line without any problems. However, each competitor must take personal responsibility for taking part in this mountain race, which can become extreme, in excellent psycho-physical conditions of preparation, foreseeing possible situations of bad weather, heat, cold, route errors, darkness, psycho-physical crises.

Art.12 – Insurance

The organisation will take out civil liability insurance, while it will be up to the competitor to take out his own individual accident insurance for the duration of the trial. Participation in the trial is in any case under the full responsibility of the competitors, who, by registering, waive all recourse against the organisers in the event of damage and any further consequences that may be caused to them as a result of the competition.

Art.13 – Drinks and food

The criterion for this event is semi-sufficiency in food.

However, all refuelling stations are supplied with drinks, the refuelling of the Forte Centrale and Tetti Virulà will also be supplied with solid food.

Art.14 – Competitors’ bags deposit

There will be only one bag deposit room and it will be at the tensile structure used as race office located in the Piazzale Nord of Limone P.te.

Art.15 – Personal assistance

Competitors will be allowed to organise their personal assistance only at the refuelling station of Forte Centrale. (see Road Book). This excludes any assistance in line, hare, escorts, water carriers.

Art.16 – Compulsory equipment

-A sack, rucksack or any other means of carrying the following compulsory equipment:
-A whistle.
-A survival blanket (thermal cloth).
-A water reserve of at least 1 litre (at the start of the refuelling stations).

-Cup, glass or water bottle (no glass at the refreshment posts).
-The Road Book (latest edition, downloaded from the Raid website).
-Waterproof jacket with gtx hood or similar, suitable for high mountain conditions.
-Cap or bandana.
-4 safety pins for the bib.
-A mobile phone with an option to operate in France and Italy. Enter into the memory the numbers of the security telephones, provided by the organisation. With charged batteries. Do not mask your number.
-List of emergency telephones.

Recommended (non-exhaustive list) but not mandatory:
-knife, string.

Art.17 – Penalties

One hour in case of:
-Pectoral not pinned regularly, which does not allow reading.
-Unauthorized assistance (water carrier, hare).
-If a competitor crosses the route between two checkpoints, he will be penalized with the attribution for this stretch of the maximum time recorded by the last competitors.

Art.18 – Reasons for disqualification

– Absence, at the start, of the obligatory equipment.
– Absence of one of the obligatory items of equipment, during the control during the race.
-Punching not carried out or arrival at a checkpoint after the time barrier.
-Use of a means of transport.
– Pollution and/or degradation of the places by the competitor or their assistants.
– Failure to assist a competitor in danger.
-Refusal to be seen by doctors at any time during the trial.
– Physical or mental state judged unsuitable for the continuation of the test.
-Dangerous behavior.

Art.19 – Anti-doping control

Any competitor may be subjected to doping control during or at the finish of the race. Any positive result will result in immediate disqualification.

Art.20 – Complaints

They will be accepted if submitted in writing within thirty minutes of the posting of the provisional results by the race director, at the finish. Complaints must be in writing and must be accompanied by a deposit of € 50.00 which will be refunded only if the complaint is accepted.

Art.21 – Jury of the test

It will be composed of the Race Director and at least one person chosen from:
– The Sports Councillors of the cities of Vernante and Limone.
– the President of the A.S.D. W.W.P. Organization.
– the President of the A.S.D. la Via del Sale.
– The commissioners of the checkpoints.
– Any other competent person deemed useful by the Race Director.

The jury is in charge of deciding, in a time compatible with the imperatives of the race, on any dispute or disqualification that occurs during the race, after having heard the person involved. The decisions will be final. The decision will be validated with the signature of the Race Director.

Once the complaints submitted in the form and within the time frame provided for in art. 20 The jury will announce the final results.

Art.22 – Copertura fotografica, televisiva, video; diritti

I concorrenti rinunciano espressamente a valersi del diritto d’immagine, così come rinunciano a ricorsi contro l’organizzazione ed i suoi partners ufficiali per l’utilizzo della loro immagine. I professionisti audiovisivi dovranno ottenere l’autorizzazione da parte dell’organizzazione.

Art.23 – Registration fees

By 30 May 2024:

45 € for the Trail du Cro On the Paths of the Forts.
15 € for the Via dei Lupi.
50 € for those who want to participate in the two races and therefore in the combined ranking.

From 1 June 2024 to 26 June 2024:

55 € for the Trail du Cro On the Paths of the Forts.
20 € for the Via dei Lupi.
65 € for those who want to participate in the two races and therefore in the combined ranking.

Possibility of free collective transport from Limone to Vernante for the day of the race from 07.15 (book at the time of registration).

Registration for the two trails will open on January 10, 2024.

Registrations will be closed once the maximum number set by the Association has been reached.

These fees include:

the personalized bib, the sports organization (Controllers, signals, marshals, race director, etc…), the medical and safety organization (Doctors, nurses, rescuers), the planned supplies (see Road Book), the Civil Liability Insurance subscribed by the organizer, refreshments at the finish and a technical garment for the Finishers, rewards for the winners.

Art. 24 – The procedure for registration

The conditions of admission are indicated in Article 4 of these regulations.

The number of participants is limited to 400 for the TRAIL du CRO Sui Sentieri dei Forti.

Neither the transfer nor the exchange of bibs will be allowed.

Registration is set to open on January 10th; Registrations will close at 23:59 on 26 June 2024, they can still be made the day before the race at the race office in Piazzale Nord from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and on the day of the race from 5.00 a.m. to 7.00 a.m. for the CRO TRAIL ON THE PATHS OF THE FORTS.

If you want the thrill of participating in our races, access the REGISTRATION section from the menu.

The registration procedure will be managed completely online on the website where it will be possible to register, pay and send the Sports Medical certificate for all races.

In case of cancellation of the registration for the race or non-participation

Art.25. – Ranking and prizes

Cro Trail On the Paths of the Forts:

Prize in kind to the top five overall, men and women.

Prize in kind to the first three classified in the Over 50 category.

Prize in kind to the first three overall of the combined ranking of the 1st TRAIL RUNNING FESTIVAL, based on the sum of the times of the La Via dei Lupi and CRO TRAIL races.

Prize in kind to the first three couples “HIM & HER” who will run the two races together.

(The Way of the Wolves will have its own specific ranking, which is why we invite you to the website

Prizes are cumulative.

To all the competitors who arrived, an article marked FINISHER.

Art.26 – Changes to the route. Cancellation of the trip

The organization reserves the right to change the route or the location of the rescue and refreshment points at any time, without prior notice. It also reserves the right to cancel the race at any time for safety reasons. These decisions will be communicated exclusively on the website if taken before the scheduled day of the race.
Each decision will be made by a jury composed of at least the race director and the coordinator responsible for safety.
In the event that the authorities in charge do not grant the necessary authorizations to carry out the trail, the organization will proceed with the cancellation of the race.

No refund will be provided in case of modification of the route or suspension of the ride.

Art.27 – Animals

For the protection of wild flora and animals, the participation of dogs or any other animal to accompany the competitors is strictly prohibited.

Art.28 – Use of sticks

The use is allowed, but if used, it must be allowed on the entire race course.